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Tips in Packing your Jumbo Box | Balikbayan box

[+] Things Needed:

- Durable Shipping Box
- Packing Tape [ Gray Duct tape is not recommended since they tend to peel off in humid temperatures ]
- Heavy Duty Garbage Bag
- Scissors
- Permanent Marker
- Packing List ( Click HERE )
- Pen
- Padding Material
- Grocery Bags for liquid and bottled items

[+] Use a durable carton or box if no Manila Forwarder Jumbo Box or Balikbayan box is available in your area. Mall Department Store is a good source of boxes. One may also use boxes available at U-haul location close to you.

[+] Tape the bottom flaps of the box using Packing Tape. Keep the top flap open.

[+] Place a heavy duty plastic garbage bag inside the box to act as liner keeping the opening of the plastic bag and the box flap on top.

[+] Prepare the packing list and pen to write down the items you would place inside the box.

[+] Begin packing by placing neatly folded items that would serve as cushion like clothes, pants, curtains, and the likes.

[+] Protect other items in case of spill by placing bottled and liquid items like shampoo, conditioners, cologne, perfumes, and the likes in individual plastic grocery bags. Secure the caps with tape before closing the grocery bags.

[+] Maintain a neat stack, keep manufacturer's packaging for fragile items.

[+] Place padded materials on the sides

[+] Do not make the boxes so heavy for easy and safe handling. If possible, spread out the heavy items to other boxes.

[+] Cushion the top with padded materials

[+] Secure the plastic garbage bag with a knot or tape.

[+] Place a copy of the packing list on top of the plastic garbage bag before closing the box. Make sure you only use a copy since original form is needed for doucumentaion purposes.

[+] Secure the top flaps with tape.

[+] Legibly mark down the box with shipper's and consignee's information using permanent marker. Make sure you provide Name, Complete Address, Telephone Number, Cell phone, or even map sketch for hard to find destinations.

[+] All Jumbo Box and Balikbayan Box shipment is insured for $200. Additional insurance is available for $5 every $100 over the $200 covered by the company. Please read company liability HERE.

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