1. User Eligibility:

This freight forwarding service of Philippine to United States shipping is limited to United States Citizens or legal resident of the intended country. For other destination, The citizenship or legal residence of the shipper/consignee shall be to that of the destination country.

2. Scope of Terms of Use:

The items being shipped are personal property of the shipper which is also the consignee. This service should not be used in other purposes as mentioned herein. All shipment must be in compliance with the laws of United States of America, Philippines and other international law that is applicable.

The shipper and/ or consignee attests that this shipment is his/her personal property and was used during the terms of his/her stay in the Philippines. This should not be for commercial purposes.

3. Shipper's Responsibility:

All required documents are the responsibility of the shipper/consignee. Additional documentation may be required by government authorities.
Manila Forwarder does not guarantee or implied that there will be no additional cost coming from Government entities or its agents.
The shipper and or the consignee are responsible for this shipment and all its legal implications and responsibilities. The shipper acknowledges that this shipment is subject to inspection by Manila Forwarder, Philippine Authorities, and United States authorities.
Such inspection may result in additional charges like but not limited to inspection fee, demurrage, consumption entry service, taxes or tariff, or penalties whichever may apply. All additional fees are the responsibility of the shipper/ consignee. Manila Forwarder or its agent may advance the payment of such to facilitate its release from US Customs which will be duly receipted and the shipper/consignee must reimburse the Manila Forwarder or its agent.

Manila Forwarder or its agent may abandon the shipment in favor of the government with compliance with governmental laws free from any claim from the shipper/consignee.

Misrepresentation is punishable by law.

4. Unlawful items:

The shipper/consignee attests that there is no unlawful item in this shipment that violates international law, copyright law, and other laws that might be applicable.

5. Modifications:

Manila Forwarder or its agents may revise and update these Terms of Use at any time in compliance with government rules and regulations.

Acknowledged by:

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