Philippine Immigrant Visa

Philippine Consulate General
3600 Wilshire Boulevard. Suite 500
Los Angeles. California 90010
Tel: (323) 639-0980. Fax (323) 639-0990

Philippine Immigrant Visa
Non Quota 13(G) or 13(A}

Visa fee: $150.00 in cash or money order or cashier's check


  1. For foreign spouse - duly notarized letter from the filipino spouse requesting or petitioning for the issuance of an immigrant visa to his/her spouse original and photocopy.
  2. Passport should be valid for at least one year at the time of filing.
  3. Two F.A. form no. 3, duly accomplished.
  4. four photos, 2 X 2 (colored or black and white with plain background).
  5. Birth certificate - two copies, present also the original.
  6. In the absence of birth certificate following should be submitted:
    a. Certificate of non-availability of birth record from the Civil Registrar or National Statistics Office.
    b. Baptismal certificate.
    c. Joint birth affidavit or birth affidavit.
  7. Marriage certificate - two copies, present also original.
  8. Certificate of neutralization - two copies and show original.
  9. Proof of Philippine citizenship of husband or wife.
  10. Two photocopies of proof of financial capability - affidavit of support to be supported by documentary proof (e.g. bank statement, sss pension, bank statement or principal applicant or petitioner, original and photocopy).
  11. Medical Examination - one original and photocopy of each of the following:
    Stool (Ova/Parasite and occult blood)
    Complete blood test (blood serology and chemistry)
    Chest Xray result - you are required to submit the xray negative (film).
  12. Police Clearance - submit original and one photocopy.
  13. If employed by U.S. Military, submit two photocopies and present original of discharge papers and statement of service or monthly retainer's pay.
  14. Acceptance of resignation (letter) from employer or separation papers or retirement papers of applicant - two photocopies and present original.
  15. Submit original and 2 photocopies of U.S. passport.


  1. Parent(s) should apply for the same visa category for their minor children.
  2. Personal appearance required at all times.
  3. Medical examination report is acceptable only if submitted to the quarantine office at the port of entry, together with the Visa application within six (6) months from the date the examination was conducted.

Download for the necessary forms:
[+] Application for Immigrant Visa-Quota/Non Quota: Form No. 3 and 11 (Revised under FSC 20-87) 

Print and Fill Up and submit to Philippine Consulate
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