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Retiring citizens moving out of United States

The US government is in deep debt. Financial crisis exposed some serious problems in the US financial and regulatory systems. Although there’s a responsibility, residences suffer to shoulder the huge taxes and other fees.

People have been wondering if moving out of the United States is the right way to escape the coming economic collapse. It is not the right thing for everyone, but for some people it may be a practical alternative. For practical alternative and looking for another country, Philippine is considerable cheaper than the United States. Although salaries and wages in are much lower. On the other hand, the standard cost of living is often much lower, including the 3 basic needs food, shelter, and clothing. Philippines is a tropical country, yes you can do planting of seeds, fruits, and trees into the yard to save money. Government laws, rules, and other regulations are easy to adapt. You have the right to choose whatever the religion you want. Filipinos considered as one of the most hospitable people in the world, and well known basically respectful toward elders. Philippines has a lot of Tourist attraction specially Puerto Princesa in Palawan that attracts foreign tourist.

In addition, some cases there can be huge taxes and fees imposed on those moving to a new country.

To give you more of a perspective on moving out of the United States, we have the great solution for you. read more...

Manila Forwarder Competes with Better Services
Manny Paez

As most balikbayan box company’s services deteriorates due to financial loses brought by low prices, Manila Forwarder vows to compete in the cut-throat market by offering an option of better service to the educated and discriminating consumers.
In a recently concluded worldwide meet of Manila Forwarder franchisee all over the world held at Manila, Philippines last May 9-12, 2012, to tackle the present problem of the global balikbayan box industry, all team members voted to change the playing field by leaving the competition for the lowest price and opted to provide the educated market with the option of a better balikbayan box shipping.
As the year 2011 caused the closing of at least twenty balikbayan box companies resulting to tens of thousands of undelivered balikbayan boxes, the worldwide team of Manila Forwarder unanimously decided to increase the operating funds of Manila Forwarder Philippines Inc, the customs clearing and logistic arm of Manila Forwarder Worldwide.
The increase in operating funds will be coming from various affiliates worldwide to put muscle on Manila Forwarder Philippines, Inc and Manila Forwarder Cebu that handles the Visayas operations of the company.
Since Manila Forwarder Cebu was put up late last year, the customer satisfaction rate of Cebu customers have increased dramatically and resulted in zero complaints. The fresh capitalization will allow Manila Forwarder Cebu to gradually handle the problematic delivery areas in the Visayas Region.
A report from Manila Forwarder Philippines showed that some delivery destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao area costs more than the fee collected from customers from various parts of the world that resulted into the company’s loss last year.
The rising delivery cost and the random US Homeland Security inspections that cost an average of $3,500 per container are the two main reasons why some balikbayan box companies have closed operations that resulted in thousands of undelivered balikbayan boxes from other balikbayan box companies.
Those undelivered balikbayan boxes ended up being sold by some unscrupulous balikbayan box companies to ukay-ukay wholesalers.
Manila Forwarder has recognized this problem ahead of time and has decided to make the pricing realistic to the present costing and prevent the collapse of the industry.
The meet concludes that only those companies that will adjust pricing are the ones that can overcome the present problem of the balikbayan box industry. The rest who will continue to compete on low prices will eventually close down to the detriment of the consumers who will patronize them.
The meet also resulted in additional businesses for the worldwide affiliates. The Philippine-based client program of Manila Forwarder USA is now available for Manila Forwarder Europe. Other countries will follow after the initial test run in Europe.
The Philippine-based program allows Filipinos and Expats in the Philippines to shop in any internet stores using Manila Forwarder address overseas. The overseas office will then ship the items to the respective address of the shopper in the Philippines. There is an option of 5 day or 1 month services.
All Manila Forwarder Affiliates worldwide are now part of TravelPH.Com, Manila Forwarder’s travel portal for cheap travel services. The services include budget travel air fares, hotels and resort accommodations, transportation and car rentals.
The Manila Forwarder worldwide meet also resulted in better communication system for all Manila Forwarder affiliates worldwide, including their customers.
A new telephone system was put up in Manila Forwarder Manila office to handle European telephone calls. Manila Forwarder Philippines is now equipped with Voice over Internet lines for USA, Japan, and Europe
Manila Forwarder operates in the whole USA, Canada, Europe, Norway, Australia, Japan, and Papua New Guinea. Manila Forwarder also maintains partners in the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Middle East.
For more information about Manila Forwarder, one may visit www.manilaforwarder.com or call 1.800.210.1019.

Manila Forwarder Partners

Front row: Sturdi Majarocon, Alfie Pitogo, Reynan Baluyot, Edilberto Manuel, Greg Paez, Jerome Majarocon, Herbert Baluyot, Virgilio Villareal, Rainier Majarocon.
Second Row: Khit Santiago, Gisselle Ballena, KC Manuel, Noreen Hernandez, Pia Santos, Richelle Santiago, Lixmila Serrano, Eva Ebueng, Zenaida Manuel.
Third row: Carlos Chavez, June, Manny Paez, Erhard Balmer, Daltrey Francisco.
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