The Mechanics for Philippine-based web surfer

Internet shopping is suppose to be for everyone. However, most international internet stores does not deliver to overseas addresses due to various reasons. Some of the companies do but the prohibitive cost of shipping discourages this method.

Some Pinoys go to the extend of asking their overseas friends and relatives to do the shopping, packaging, and shipping for them. But who would like to bother your busy friends and relatives while there is a bonded-professional company that could do it for you.

This is how it works:

I. ACCOUNT SET-UP: You set up an account with us. You will be asked to email or fax our manila Office 2 sets of Government Issued Identification card to establish your legal identity.

E -mail to the filled up form to, Subject New Account or fax to Tele Fax No. +63 02 445-1192, together with 2 sets of Government Issued ID. If you intend to pay us with credit card, we need a copy of that for file.

II. RATES: The rates are just like you are in the USA doing your own shopping. Please see our Ocean Cargo  Shipping Rate Calculator

You may also instruct us to consolidate your shipment into one of our balikbayan boxes. A minimal charge based on the work involved will be added to cover the cost of packaging materials and labor.

For electronics and taxable items, please email us ahead of time. As a general rule, items should not be more than 12 of a kind. Items that require AC Power to operate have a 10% tariff based on commercial invoice.

Ocean Cargo takes about 25-30 days to Metro-Manila. Add a few more days for provincial deliveries. If this is a RUSH Shipment. Air Cargo takes 3-5 days. Cut Off is Friday mornings.

Please see the air cargo notations. Personal goods are rated differently with taxable items. The weight and measure must also be taken into account. 

III. PACKAGING: Whatever type of box you use, be assured that all your shipment will be checked for integrity and durability. All internet boxes are sealed, wrapped, and strapped by our reliable staff prior to being loaded to our ocean going containers.

Remember that you pay us for the size of the box and not the weigh for Ocean Cargo. However, make a note that if you will send the package via  UPS or  FedEx Ground using the e-balikbayan box shipping, their maximum weight is 150 lbs ( that's a lot of corned beef! ). This would give you an average of $20-$35 shipping cost from your place to our Los Angeles, CA hub. Write the ZIP Code down 90065

For bulky items, we offer trucking services, please email us the details for bulk trucking rates.

Free pick up within the general Filipino population of Southern, Central, and Northern California. 

Don't forget to ask your suppliers if they provide free shipping. Who knows?

Please ask your supplier to label your shipment as:

Manila Forwarder
Attn: Juan de la Cruz (Your Name) - Ocean or Air Cargo (Whichever you prefer)
3964 Eagle Rock Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90065

When you have a shipment on the way, please send us an email giving us detailed instructions on how you want us to handle it:

1) Ocean or Air
2) Ship ASAP, consolidate with other orders
3) Philippine Delivery Address
4) Mode of Payment

1) Credit Card. Please email or fax us this credit card authorization.

2) Paypal Account:

3) Philippine Bank Deposit or Transfer:
Beneficiary: Manila Forwarder Phil, Inc
Phone: 241.4462 

This is the modern and proven system that works from a licensed and bonded company that you know!

GO TO DOCUMENTATION STAGE ( See Upper Right Column / click here) , Just fill up the shipping form and email that to us. Please see the back of the form for the contract stipulation. Also, please see the restricted items for shipping. Now you are set to enjoy internet shopping!

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