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Manila Forwarder Phil, Inc handles both in-bound and out-bound shipments of commercial goods and household effects. We offer Full Container Loads and Less Than Container Loads. We ship WORLDWIDE. However, in destinations other than USA, the shipper and or the recipient or consignee is responsible in clearing their shipment, and pay other possible destination charges from the receiving agent. You will be responsible in clearing the shipment yourself or hire a local customs broker in that area.

The company also offers balikbayan box services from the Philippines to any point in the United States for As low as $195 plus other fees per standard balikbayan box. Please see details HERE.

For small shipments, We recommend using our air cargo services.

The company also acts a US Purchasing representatives for various Philippine-based businesses. You may email us to set-up your account. Manila Forwarders could identify the supplier for your requirements and arrange your orders. We can also handle payments via paypal.

Commercial and Household good shipments fall under different categories in this import / export shipments. Please visit US Customs Service Website or the Customs authorities of your shipments destination.

Balikbayan Box Shipments from Philippines to United States

Balikbayan box shipments from Philippines to Los Angeles, CA and other parts of USA. Average delivery time is 45-70 days. US Customs inspection time frame varies. Do not use this method if your shipment is time essential as we do not guarantee the delivery turn around because of the variable inspection time by the US Homeland Security.

This service is limited to US Citizens and legal US immigrants who have lived in the Philippines prior to residing in the United States are allowed by the United States Government to ship their personal belongings to the US. This is just a one time privilege. Complete documentation is required. Misdeclaration or misrepresentation is a criminal offense,


·Personal goods and household effects only
· Copy of Passport & Green card, if applicable
· Packing List, Use this forms:
  Customs Form 3299 (Front)
  Customs Form 3299 (Back)
· Power of Attorney
  Get Form: One Time Power of Attorney
· Declaration For Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles
  Get Form: Supplemental Declaration to CF 3299
  Importer's Security Form 10+2
  Manila Forwarder Disclaimer
  Manila Packing List (Front)
  Manila Packing List (Back)

· Empty Balikbayan Box Php750/box
- Regular box size 24"x18"x18", 4.5 cubic feet, heavy duty
- Jumbo box size 24"x18"x24", 6.0 cubic feet, heavy duty
· Pickup Fee Php500 Metro-Manila, Php1,000 All of Luzon, We can also arrange pickup from Visayas and Mindanao.

· Ocean Freight, Manila to Los Angeles, CA 90065 Rate
- Regular box $195 per box (18x24x18")
- Jumbo box $220 per box (24x18x24") · Pick up at Los Angeles CA Office only.
· Rates for deliveries other than Los Angeles Click here.

Higher rates for over 70 lbs.
Click the link below:
UPS Ground Service

IMPORTANT NOTE: Quote is subject to change without prior notice. Customs Inspection Charges, Duties and Taxes is the responsibility of the Shipper for Taxable items. Random US Homeland Security inspection expenses is the responsibility of the shipper. Non-payment of such charges, as determined in the USA may result in non-deliverey of shipments. There is no implied promise of delivery time as US Customs inspection time frame varies. This quote is for Personal Goods Only which are non-taxable*

»Items that violates copyright law.
»Absinthe (Alcohol)
»Alcoholic Beverages
»Ceramic Tableware
»Cultural Artifacts and Cultural Property
»Defense Articles or Items with Military or Proliferation Applications
»Dog and Cat Fur
»Drug Paraphernalia
»Fish and Wildlife
»Prior Notice for Food Importation (Business shipping food commodity)
»Fruits and Vegetables
»Game and Hunting Trophies
»Haitian Animal Hide Drums
»Meats, Livestock and Poultry
»Merchandise from Embargoed Countries ( Cuba, Iran, Burma, Sudan )
»Food items ( no exemption )
»Hazardous Materials
»Explosive Guns ( including parts )
»Precious Metals
»Money Instruments
»Pornographic Materials

All restricted items are subject to be destroyed.
Source: US Customs and Border Protection
Commercial shipments

Companies licensed to do business in the Philippines and/or United States are allowed to do foreign trade. Requirements for such varies depending on the articles being shipped. The requirements are not limited to the ff:

· Copy of Business License
· Commercial Invoice
· Power of Attorney

Importer's Security Form 10+2


Philippine Charges:
· Ocean Freight $200 per cubic meter ( CBM )
· Automated Manifest System ( AMS) Fee $ $60
· Bill of Lading Fee $100 per BL
· LCL Fee / Arrastre Wharfage $100 per CBM
· All-In Ex-works charges $200/ LCL shipment
· Trucking / Pick up Charge $ 40 per trip within Metro-Manila, add more for provincial sorties If commodity in wooden pallet:

· please add Fumigation Fee $60 for 1-5 CBM/ $75 over 5 CBM
· Phytosanitary $75 per LCL Shipment
  Crating Services, Manila: $75 per CBM
  Maritime Insurance $1.50 / $100 coverage

US Charges:
· Consumption Entry Fee $150 per shipment plus
· Forward Fees $200
  Classification Fee 1 line free, additional $6 per line
  Additional Invoice $10 per additioanal invoice
  Single transaction Bond per Entry minimum of $60 or $5 per $1,000
  FDA Clearance Fee $40
  Fish & Wildlife Clearance $40
  Fish & Wildlife Fee to the Goverment Standard Rate $87
  Continious Bond ( $50,000 ) $600
  Actual Duty based on Entry Summary
· Importer's Security Filing (ISF) $50
· Forklift Fee $ 400 per CBM
· Documentation $50 per shipment
· Handling Fee $100 per shipment
· Terminal Fee $75 per shipment
· Domestic Trucking to any point in the USA. Click the link below:

FedEx Ground Service

Quote is subject to change without prior notice. All shipment is subject to thorough inspection of Manila Forwarder prior to shipment.

US Homeland Security Inspection conducts random examination. Inspection Fees, Duties and Taxes is the responsibility of shipper. Inspection Charges varies based on the type of inspection conducted by US Customs*

Please email us for details.
Manila Forwarder Phil, Inc
Philippine Export Office

Shipment from Philippines to other countries (Port to Port)

Manila Forwarder provides shipping services from the Philippines to any countries worldwide, port to port. In this term of shipment, consignee will be the one to clear his package from customs custody and pay for the additional charges once the box arrived in the importing country.

Balikbayan box shipment:
This service is limited to citizens or immigrants of the importing country, who have stayed in the Philippines for at least 6 months prior to residing in the importing country. Shipper and consignee should be same person and one time privilege only.

Documentary Requirements for Philippines customs filing
· Signed packing list
· Passport copy
· Copy of SSS ID (for Canada shipment)

Documentary requirements and procedure for importing country’s customs filing
· it varies depending on the customs government of the importing country

For Australia

For Canada

Commercial Shipment
This service is not limited to Less Container Load (per box) only but to Full Container Load as well.

Documentary Requirements for Philippines customs filing
· Signed and detailed packing list
· Signed commercial invoice
· Copy of BIR registration
· Business Permit
· Importer’s Security Filing Form
· For regulated commodities, export clearance issued by the regulating government agency must be acquired.

Food and food products BFAD

· Coffee BFAR
· Sugar and Molasses SRA
· Grains and grains by=product NFA
· And other commodities under CB Circular 1389

Please email us for details.

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If you are not on a rush and you understand that there might be other fees that you need to pay at the destination, GET YOUR QUOTE HERE

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